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Why Are Carved Boards More Expensive Than Aluminum Veneers

Aluminum Perforated Panel Metal Wall commercial building application: – Shopping center, supermarket – Outdoor facilities, gas station, toll station – MTR station, railway station, airport, bus station – School, stadium, education – Office, conference room, exhibition room – The lobby, corridor and bathroom of the building – Canteen, restaurant, hotel – Hospital, chemical laboratory, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details , we are keen to wait for your consultation.

In the average person's impression, carved board and aluminium veneer have no distinction, although they have inevitable connection. But there are also different production processes and production processes, things that look similar because of the different processes and different prices.

The machines used for different patterns are different. For example, regular geometric shapes can be used for punch processing. If it is a complex pattern, then the machine will be used when the tower puncher, and the machine processing is relatively slow, but the machine can make very complex patterns. The size of carve patterns, difficulty, the density that still has carve patterns is mixed the area size of carve patterns, the density of carve patterns is more close, diameter is about small, the price is met taller a bit. And these are the more than aluminum sheet out of the process. And the processing technology is higher than the aluminum veneer, so the price will be higher.