How to choose good aluminum composite panel?

Aluminum composite panel, also known as aluminum composite panel, is a kind of plastic as the core layer, two sides of the three layers of aluminum composite plate, and the surface of decorative and protective coating of a product decorative plate. Aluminum composite panel is generally a sandwich structure, that is, two layers of aluminum sandwiched between a plastic core layer.

1, observe the surface of the aluminum composite panel. The surface of a good aluminum plate is flat and smooth, without bumps, scratches, stains and rust. Using a ruler to measure the thickness of aluminum composite panel, China has strict requirements on the specification of aluminum composite panel.

2. Bend the corner of the aluminum composite panel to see the toughness of the aluminum composite panel. If it breaks easily, it's not really good aluminum-plastic material.

3, with fire aluminum composite panel. The intermediate material of the aluminum-plastic plate should ignite easily and be able to burn completely. If the intermediate layer burns with impurities, there is a problem in the intermediate plastic layer.

4. In the process of selecting materials, we must ask for the quality guarantee and qualification certificate from the merchants. Can take out the relevant proof, generally can be trusted. In addition, do not rush to choose, must shop around, look and compare to find the product we like.

Aluminum composite panel has many advantages. It is resilient to climate change, strong and durable. Aluminum - plastic plate is simple to operate and convenient to construct, which can greatly shorten the construction period. They have good processing performance, easy to operate, and heat insulation, fire insulation, sound insulation effect is very good. Aluminum-plastic panels are flat and light, but strong enough to cushion the impact. In addition, the color of aluminum composite panel is more, which can meet the decoration requirements of different people.

Use of aluminum plastic board

Aluminum composite panel is widely used in building decoration, such as ceiling, elevator, telephone booth, billboard dust-proof room wall material, factory wall material, curtain wall and so on. Aluminum-plastic plate is one of the representatives of the three curtain walls. In some countries, aluminum - plastic plate is also widely used in aircraft, instruments and equipment.