Aluminum square tube curtain wall profile is drawn and twisted aluminum panel

Aluminum square tube curtain wall profile is used aluminum die extrusion, light weight, good hardness and straight line is far more than other products, aluminum square tube profile decoration with open vision, ventilation, air permeability, the neat lines and lively, distinct, reflected the modern style of simplicity and clear, simple and convenient installation disassembly, has become one of the decoration market main products. aluminum square tube profile can be pulled into an arc, arc aluminum square tube profile for the emergence of designers to provide a broader concept space, a more beautiful work. The installation of different aluminum square tubes profile can choose different height and spacing, can be a high and a low, a thin and a dense, and reasonable color collocation, so that the design is kaleidoscopic, can design different decorative

Aluminum square profile is generally divided into U groove type ceiling aluminum square and tube profile aluminum pass two kinds, U aluminum square is the blank aluminum roll after forming, can be processed according to different requirements for surface color, order quantity and color can be freely adjusted production flexibility. U-shaped aluminum square pass can choose a variety of thickness aluminum coil material processing, rolling equipment can be adjusted according to different specifications, so U-shaped aluminum square pass low cost, economic, numerous specifications and styles are changeable, is the current market ceiling ceiling. Fujian condominium decorative materials aluminum square Tianhua metal condominium shaped special Fang Tong manufacturers

And tubular profiles aluminum flux is the high-temperature furnace smelting, aluminum rod materials through good advance production mold cooling extrusion molding, and aluminum specifications and thickness are limited by mold, combined with the process of limiting the thickness of the tubular profiles aluminum flux is generally u-shaped aluminum thick, so costs are high, but the profile (aluminum flux through different die extrusion forming different style design, The profile aluminum pass generally forms a closed tube, and the toughness and rigidity are good after high temperature aging. The non-aging profile aluminum pass material is soft, suitable for a variety of radians to pull out of the distortion, these are the lack of U-shaped square pass. Fujian condominium decorative materials aluminum square Tianhua metal condominium shaped special Fang Tong manufacturers

U groove aluminum tube profile is one of the rising ceiling materials in recent years, aluminum tube profile has an open vision, ventilation, breathable, its lines bright and neat, clear layers, reflects the simple and clear modern style, installation and disassembly is simple and convenient. Guangbai U slot type aluminum square is commonly used in public places with a large number of people dense concealed projects, which is convenient for the circulation of air, exhaust and heat dissipation, and can make the light distribution uniform, so that the whole space is spacious and bright. It is used in subway, high-speed railway station, station, airport, large shopping malls, passageways, leisure places, public bathrooms, building external walls and other open places. In general, the ceiling of the project is mostly made of black and white gray or color aluminum square, and the new wood grain aluminum square can also be used according to the requirements. Fujian condominium decorative materials aluminum square Tianhua metal condominium shaped special Fang Tong manufacturers

The specifications of U-shaped aluminum square Pass can be customized according to the decoration design requirements. Usually, the commonly used specifications of the ceiling are 50*50mm, 50*100mm, 50*150mm and so on. The ceiling specifications of U-shaped square pass are determined according to the different ceiling height and the size of the ceiling area. It is usually recommended that the lower the ceiling height and the smaller the area, the smaller the aluminum square pass specifications.

Thermal transfer printing wood grain to aluminum material as the base material, through the vacuum wood grain film technology in metal products electrostatic spraying done, through the thermal transfer printing method of wood grain transfer to the surface of the workpiece. It is not easy to fade, the wood grain is realistic, improve the product blocking time, is widely used in aluminum products surface treatment. The imitation wood grain aluminum square flower condominium combines the texture of metal with the natural texture of wood, making the condominium integrated into a unique body. At the same time, because of the characteristics of aluminum fire protection, corrosion and moisture-proof, the ceiling service life is longer, aluminum has the characteristics of light quality, high environmental protection, strong hardness, easy molding, etc., can be processed and made of any shape, to bring more artistic effect to the ceiling decoration.