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Application of perforated aluminum panel in interior decoration of beauty salon

Perforated aluminum panel has good anti-corrosion performance, has a certain strength, low surface roughness, easy to be machined into various specifications and shapes, has good shockproof, waterproof, fireproof performance, as well as good muffling effect, is a good decorative muffling material, widely used in building indoor wall and ceiling sound absorption decoration design. The aperture and hole spacing of perforated aluminum plate will be affected by the processing process, there are generally two kinds: one is mainly played a sound-absorbing role is also called sound-absorbing board, used in densely populated buildings, this plate aperture is not large but the density is large; There is also a decorative role, its hole shape is different aperture relatively large density.

By controlling the perforation rate, aperture, shape of the aperture and color elements of the aluminum panels, perforated aluminum panels can produce a variety of decorative visual effects that can be used in the interior Spaces of important buildings. Perforated aluminum panels can be designed according to the design effect and use function, combined with lighting, air conditioning ventilation equipment, fire facilities and other reasonable layout, using printing, carving, three-dimensional modeling and other techniques to create a rich variety of interior space. Aluminum plate front finish paint can be pearlescent spraying, rolling coating, fluorocarbon spraying, color can be customized according to requirements